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The effects of the rapid changes in all walks of life brought about by the vast technological advances made by humankind over the last few decades has impacted lifestyle at the individual as well as collective levels. These changes makes it all  the more necessary to restructure our belief system and look afresh at placing mental and emotional wellbeing  alongside physical health and not merely as a far removed corollary of “good physical health”.There has been a global shift of wellbeing in the past few years. India had attempted to put mental health as WHO agenda in 2011 when only non-communicable diseases were given importance and on May 2, 2018, UN Secretary General AntónioGuterres, launched mental health as its flagship programme.

MIND India, Institute of Positive Mental Health & Research, is a registered society formed on January 20, 2006, by a group of mental health professionals dedicated to the cause of ushering in the benefits of positive mental health & wellbeing to the general population.  MIND an acronym for Mental and Intellectual Needs Development is the driving principle on which the society MIND India has positioned itself on.  The vision is to instil the concept of positive mental health and wellbeing in people and the mission is to enable them to choose change. It is one of the first bodies in the North Eastern Region of India, formed by dedicated professionals to address issues related to the processes involved in ushering in the benefits of positive mental health for all sections of the society.Adopting a two pronged strategy of evidence basedresearch through dissemination of information and quality human resource training , MIND India has adopted a plan of action primarily focused on addressing individual issues through counselling and other psycho social interventions to usher in positive mental and social change.

Training Human Resource
Disseminating Information
Conducting Research
Removing Stigma
Changing Mindsets
Facilitating Social Change

Registered Society under the Registration of Societies Act,  January 20, 2006

Registration under FCRA for Educational,Social(Registration Number : 020780169)

Our team member brings expertise in psycho social interventions, counselling, social behavioural change communication, social development, public health and nutrition, Life skills, school & vocational education, career assessment and planning, geriatric care, palliative car, children with special needs, development of modules and manuals and research & development

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