About the conference

Dear Delegate,

Greetings from the organizing committee!

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Wellbeing: Lifespan Perspectives & Practices for Sustainable Communities from January 18 to 19 at Guwahati, Assam.
This conference theme will be first of its kind to be held in the region.


...rather than striving to arrive at the perfect understanding as to what makes us miserable it would be a welcome change to investigate what it would take for us to be unconditionally happy...

In today's world the lifespan of an individual requires a bouquet of care giving practices starting from infancy to old age. The need of the times is to evolve a structured multi disciplinary inter sectoral framework which focuses on the convergence of every aspect of positive living be it physical, social, mental or spiritual. The conference wants to highlight this convergence and use its outcome to explore the different pathways for manifesting wellbeing throughout the human experience and arrive at the wellbeing model of living. The long term goal aspired for is to facilitate the growth of resilient and sustainable communities.

Expected Outcomes

Based on the outcomes of the scientific session of the conference, it is envisaged to create pathways through awareness, advocacy and psychosocial interventions to support the sustainable development goals across age groups at individual as well as in the community level. This will help to put theory to practice, understand the gaps, develop tools and design framework for intervention programmes in the field, thereby enhancing quality of life of the individual at the micro and macro level


The conference is open for academicians, research scholars, practitioners and experts from the field of psychology, psychiatry, all health care systems, all medical specialties, sociology, anthropology, social work, economics, management, Universities, Government agencies, not for profit organisation, corporate and public sectors as well as research scholars and policy makers.Delegates and experts are expected from New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, Nepal, Myanmar, Singapore and different parts of India