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Human resource development deals with improving the quality of human capital. The organization specifically delves into evolving the skills, knowledge and competence of manpower at different levels. The pathway undertaken by MIND India to attain its objectives is modelled on the concept of assessing needs at the ground level, deconstructing the same to arrive at the deeper issues surrounding that particular concern and thereafter putting together a methodology to address the same in the most appropriate manner. Thus any activity in MIND India follows a loosely structured model comprising of data collection, dissemination of information, appropriate training, intervention and rehabilitation as and when necessary.


Some regular workshops conducted are:

  • Basic Skills in counselling for healthcare workers, teachers, social organizations, etc
  • Technical support to organizations on Positive mental health, Soft Skills, Life Skills, Enhancements of Professional & Personal Effectiveness
  • Teacher's Effectiveness Training for schools and colleges
  • Workshop Based Psycho social intervention tailor made to Group/Organizational needs
  • Programmes on self development for executive, non executives of various organisations
  • Need based programmes for Corporate, NGO and Government organizations Positivity workshops Regular School & College Mental Health Programmes
  • Life Skills Programmes for various schools, colleges and institutions
  • Youth development programmes


One of the flagship programme developed and conducted by MIND India is Certificate Programme in "Counselling Skills".
Successful persons will be awarded certificate by K K Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU), Assam.




Manpower Solutions and Networking (MASON)


With Skills development and quality manpower emphasized in India, MASON offers a full array of resources, from training staff for workmen to customized programs for executives in both soft skills and hard skills. MIND India provides innovative outsourcing solutions across a wide range of disciplines which includes Electrician, Plumber, Welder, Retail and Hospitality etc.