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Creating art expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication.Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s development.Creative activities like art, crafts, drama matters the same way as that of a language matters. It is a fundamental component of what makes us uniquely human.

Fostering creativity would help children develop mentally, socially, and emotionally, says Ecklund-Flores.Activities like Drama are considered fun and imaginative.Sometimes their artwork is the manifestation of their inner expression, but more often, the physical process of creating is the expression. Creating art allows children to work through feelings and emotions, and referring to a finished piece of artwork helps a child talk about feelings in a new and meaningful way. Some of the benefits of Art activities are:

  1. Develops Fine Motor Skills
  2. Develops Sensory Skills
  3. Develops Communication Skills
  4. Improves Self Esteem
  5. Improves Focus
  6. Develops Imagination
  7. Improves Concentration
  8. Develops Confidence

Creative activities like Art/Craft/Drama during Lockdown

Even the most patient people will have their limits tested as they’re forced to stay indoors and most parents are wondering about lockdown activities to keep kids engaged. Children are the most vulnerable section of society right now as schools across the country are closed and they are forced to be at home day in and day out.

They are free-spirited and like to go out and play and interact with their mates. They dislike staying indoors too long. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to keep children engaged during lockdown with productive quarantine activities.This can be done by engaging them in activities that are fun learning opportunities. Some of  the interesting ideas that children could try are:

  1. Landscape yarn painting
  2. Create a Family tree
  3. Phuldhani Flowers in a Vase (Paper flowers)
  4. Easy Sew Envelope Clutch Bag
  5. Knit pretty placements
  6. Embroidery a starry banner
  7. Make Mini Pom Pom Bears
  8. Sew Fabric Storage Baskets
  9. Make a Quarter fold card
  10. Hama Beads : Children can make a Minion, Animal or any other characters with it.
  11. Pebbles : Pebbles can be decorated with paint with interesting designs
  12. Play Doh: This can be also used to make their own dinosaur, elephant, car, etc. It can be made with the ingredients like plain flour, oil, salt, cold water, food coluring
  13. Wallpaper people
  14. Penpals and Postcards: Children can write letters to one another, in the same ways of older days.
  15. Bird box: To watch birds getting feed.
  16. Potato printing
  17. Create Sock puppets
  18. Alphabet game : It will help them learn the spellings of words
  19. Role plays

There are many other ideas that children can make use of their free time during lockdown. Illustrators like Rob Biddulph , in his #DrawWithBob, websitecan be made use of for learning the art of drawing and painting. All such activities would enhance their capacity of learning and thereby would be also an opportunity to express their talents, interests, emotions, as a major contributor to the improvement of their mental health too.

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