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Effective Time management during Covid-19

What is Time management?

Time management is the process that refers to managing time appropriately and effectively, so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. It allows assigning time slots for each activity on the basis of its importance. Time management includes:

  1. Effective planning : Preparing a “To do list” or “Task Plan”. High priority jobs would come on top followed by others. The pending tasks are carried out one after the other.
  2. Setting goals and objectives: Setting targerts for oneself and make sure whether they are realistic and achievable.
  3. Setting deadlines: Learning to take ownership of work by setting deadlines for oneself. It should be done by making it clear that, how much work must be allotted for particular tasks.
  4. Delegation of responsibilities: It would be better if one does not take responsibility of something which they find difficult to be done. Responsibilities must be divided according to the interests of a person.
  5. Prioritizing responsibilities as per their importance: It involves knowing the difference between important and urgent work. It also involves identifying the tasks that must be completed within a day and a month.
  6. Allocating right time for right activity: Much time should be not allocated for those activities that needs minimum time and effort.

For Effective time management, one needs to:

  • Be Organized: It includes keeping things appropriately at places, so that it does not need to be searched for during the work time.
  • Use time appropriately:  It should be used without loitering or gossiping around. Compete concentration is needed while doing different tasks.
  • Be focused: It is essential for effective time management.

Time Management during Lock Down:

The lockdown imposed as part of the battle against Covid-19 pandemic, has also led to the closure of many offices, schools, businesses and most are being run through virtual platforms. With the line between the professional, academic and personal spaces blurring, most are finding it difficult to manage the deadlines, online lectures, household chores, and attending to family needs. Due to the lack of face to face conversations, discussions, many are finding it miserable to work, resulting to lower productivity.

The lockdown has also caused the employees to work from home, becoming a new normal for most of the employees. Working from home saves time and accords choices for working conditions. At the same time this is a difficult to professional and personal while working remotely. Some of the steps that one could take to manage time effectively are:

  1. Find an exclusive and workspace: Avoid the places that are usually used for relaxation for the purpose of working. The workspace must let one to concentrate and feel comfortable.
  2. Set routines and timetables:  It is essential to form a habit and mindset of working/ studying. This is possible with the help of a timetable, by prioritizing the activities and organizing the tasks which needs to be got done over the course of the day.
  3. Stay away from distractions: Staying away from the things that are unnecessary which might grab the attention are important while working from home. All sources of distractions must be removed from the workspace.
  4. Plan the day: The day must include the activities like, rest, breaks, exercise, socialize with friends, family, others with the help of virtual platforms along with the work. Planning helps to pass all the works quickly and effectively.
  5. Schedule the rest breaks: This will help one to make it their day to day routines and recharge oneself to keep on achieving the goals. It will also help to maintain an effective work life balance.
  6. Maintain a calendar: This will help to keep the track of daily activities. Setting an alarm for each activities would help to avoid spending more time than the allotted time for each activity.
  7. Avoid Multi-tasking: Multi- tasking consumes more amount of time for each assignments, since it takes time to get familiarized with each assignments, finding the spot and remember what needs to done next, and would make mistakes and remember less which is caused due to the tiring of brain.
  8. Maintain a positive attitude: This should be done by focusing on here and now. This will motivate one to keep moving forward in their day to day lives. 

Thus, it is very important for people to maintain a positive attitude and hope during this period. Since, there are chances for people getting panicked, anxious while thinking about the pending works, and the uncertainties happening around the world. Therefore, one must strive to keep themselves organized, predictable and clean. Setting up mental zones like, not having food on the bed, work on the sofa, while doing everything in the appropriate time, place will enable one to work smoothly. 

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