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The stigma associated with mental health, though on the decline, is the main cause impeding awareness about the same. People all over the world, more or less display the same level of ignorance when it comes to an understanding of mental wellbeing. The general belief that mental health is but an expression of good physical health is deep rooted and even a casual mention that the reverse might be true makes people defensive. But over the last two decades, the focus has gradually shifted. This can be attributed to lifestyle changes brought about by the vast technological advancements of recent times. There is a general realisation by healthcare workers, social scientists, educationists, policy makers, etc., that the need to align and adjust to the demands of the changing times has brought to the forefront, problem areas like stress, interpersonal relationship skills, coping skills, performance anxiety, peer pressure and a host of other questions related to overall achievement of mental equilibrium both at the professional as well as personal level. The felt need for holistic health &well being as expressed by people from various walks of life make it all the more necessary to address these issues.



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