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01-Apr, 2018 31-Mar, 2021

IIITG: The Need For Mental And Behavioural Healthcare In Educational Institutions

IIITG: The need for mental and behavioural healthcare in educational institutions in India stems not only from the perspective of cases of depression and the recent spate of suicides in seats of higher learning. It is to enable learners, teachers and all concerned stakeholders within educational institutions to aspire for complete expression of latent individual potential to excel in their respective areas of study, interest and occupation. The MHRD has mandated the requirement for mental and behavioural healthcare within educational institutions not only for attaining academic excellence but to provide for growth of positive intent, resilience and creativity.

Keeping this in mind, IIITG has initiated the on campus counselling service under TEQIP-III; MHRD; Govt. Of India. This support service from MIND India was provided for students, faculty as well as staff.