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Research & Development

Today, much of India’s development agenda is mirrored in the Sustainable Development Goals, an endorsement that has effectively propelled India to the legion of nations that accepts that all round human development is a global requirement based on co-operation and the understanding that the earth is a finite planet with finite resources. Thus the need of the hour is to explore ways and means to address what more can be done to enhance quality of manpower which will allow for the most optimum utilization of all available resources in the most effective manner. In view of the present scenario, it is only logical that all stakeholders pool their knowledge and expertise to facilitate the evolution of a structured framework which focuses on the convergence of every aspect of positive living. This would surely allow for the rise of a new paradigm in bringing about equilibrium in the quest for sustainable wellbeing.

Emphasizing  on the bio-psycho-social aspects of human experience at the individual as well as collective levels, the goal of MIND India, is to usher in the benefits of positive mental health for the general population. The pathway undertaken to attain its objectives is modeled on the concept of assessing needs at the ground level, deconstructing the same to arrive at the deeper issues surrounding that particular concern and thereafter putting together a methodology to address the same in the most appropriate manner. Thus any activity in MIND India follows a loosely structured model comprising of data collection, dissemination of information, appropriate training, intervention and rehabilitation as and when necessary.   

The following are the activities undertaken and are chronologically placed for an understanding of the grand pattern aspired for.

 Applied research

Clinical Research

Project Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Data Collection & Analysis

Process Strategy Design


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