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Family is an institution par excellence. ‘Family’ is a single word, it has different meanings. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again proved that the family is the primary and most crucial institution at the time of crisis and emergency. During the lockdown, families are blessed with both and it has scripted more positive manifestation of care and share. Where all the modern gadgets and amenities have failed, old family values have proved their enduring values. That these values have stood the test of time have been brought home during the long months of lockdown. Children have grown tired of television serials, cartoons and films. Children are unable to go to the park to play and parents are helpless. That’s when the grandparents brought out old indoor games, such as Ludo, Snakes- and-ladder, carom-board and chess, from the store room.   Lockdown have lead to families across the country spending more time together than usual.

  • The lock down has benefited the families to get together, become empathetic, touch with everyone, helping others, avoid stress, reduces isolation and to get emotional well being.
  • People can engage more in traditional activities and children they would realize the traditional values of a family
  • And if you are unfortunately having to spend time alone at home, then there is always patience.
  • Family can create a stable and supportive environment and the Companionship, emotional support and often even economic support can have a positive impact on mental health of the family members.
  • Spending quality time with family does help in coping with boredom, and dealing with a sense of loss, instills a feeling of security, inculcates family values, and much more.
  • Spending more time with family is benefit for both parents and children it include increased happiness, wellbeing and a sense of belonging, as well as having an impact on children’s life choices and their development goals.  

During the lockdown people will realize the traditional values of family and it will strength the bond of family members. And with the values the quality of family will increase. People will return into their older days and engage in more activities with whole family and they become more enjoy.

The family quality will improve when they

1. Work as a Team: A simple and efficient way to make cleaning more fun is to do some of it in teams.

2. Turn off your mobiles: rule of switching off all your electronic gadgets should be mandatory for family time. Taking calls should be the last thing you should do when you’re spending time with your family.

3. Eat together and listen to each other: during lockdown period you have more time at home. Most children today don’t know the meaning of a family dinner time, as parents are busy with their work and the work schedules differ for both parents. Sharing a meal together allows the opportunity to talk about each other’s lives. This is a time for parents to listen, as well as to give advice and encouragement.

4. Look for books that your child would enjoy reading: Read often with your child: Research indicates that reading to your children cultivates an interest for knowledge and stimulates language development. It also increases their attention span and helps them to be curious and light a fire of learning.

5. Do chores together: during lockdown, engage family work together, functional family life depends on the contribution of everyone in the family. Assigning chores is the most productive way of teaching responsibility and accountability to your children.

6. Start a hobby or project: during long lockdown choose a fun activity that your child is interested. Activities like cooking, crafts, collection of cartoons, etc., will make great hobbies in future.

7. Play games: New technology has made video games/mobile games more popular. Parents should play with their children, and also spark an interest in family-oriented contests such as board games or card games. It is opportunity bring older generation and new generation together.

8. Exercise or Workout together: workout/exercise not only strengthens the body, but also builds character and determination. Morning physical exercises, indoor cycling, is important for a child’s emotional and physical development and also for maintaining fitness among adults. This is a great opportunity for a family to interact.

9. Create a Family Time calendar: Since many parents have lot of time during lockdown, make different calendars like, things to cook with limited resources, watching different movies with timings, playing times for a week, craft and extracurricular activities for a week etc., as a family commit yourself to keeping this schedule.

10. Plan activities as a matter of solidarity: Nothing is more special than taking a few minutes each day for an activity as matter of solidarity. Activities like pray with a child before bedtime can be a good example for an activity of solidarity.

And the creative and joyful environment will improve the quality of life as well as the positive mental health among the people. Each second of spending time with family can influence the persons mind and through which they will forgo their stress, loneliness and helps to forgo everything that is disturbing the mind.

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