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Three Months Certificate Course In Counselling Skills


KK Handiqui State Open University certified

3 Months


The course is perfectly suited to meet the current demand as it emphasizes on practical, experiential training which provides the trainees with the applied skills and confidence required in the field. The course offers a unique combination of didactic and practical training, including classroom exercises and intensively supervised on-site practicum.

Course Duration

Duration of the course is for a period of three months, and one has to complete the course within two years. The course is held twice a year.

Eligibility criteria

Graduate with 50 % aggregate marks from disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Education, Social Work, Child development, Applied Health Sciences, OR Graduate with 50 % aggregate marks with  minimum work experience of 3 years attached to a Government organisation or Non Profit Organisations (NGO)/ Institutions/ Companies working with issues related to children, youth , women, personal rights, geriatrics, disabilities, mental health, Family & Marriage, Career & Guidance, HIV & AIDS, Tele helpline, Trauma & Disaster Management and Corporate Counsellor.

Areas where counsellors can be engaged

  • -- Hospitals & Clinics
  • -- Educational Institutions
  • -- Rehabilitation Centres
  • -- Special Education Centres
  • -- Vocational/Career Guidance Programmes
  • -- Nursing Profession
  • -- Orphanages & Adoption Agencies
  • -- Family Counselling Centres
  • -- Remand Homes
  • -- Helpline Services like Mental Health Help Line, Child Helpline
  • -- HIV/AIDS Clinics
  • -- Half Way Homes
  • -- Trauma Counselling For Victims Suffering From Ethnic Violence, Bomb Blasts And Other Unnatural And Natural Disasters
  • -- Support Groups for Alcoholics/Drugs & Other Substance Users
  • -- Community-Based Mental Health Programmes
  • -- Corporate Houses, Etc.

Assessment & Examination

Assessment and examination will be as per the norms of the University and on completion of the course the students will receive certification from K. K. Handiqui State Open University, Assam.

Detail Course Description

The concept of counselling has been around for ages especially in India starting from seeking advice from seniors in the family to consulting pundits, peers, shamans, soothsayers and other religious and community leaders. However, with the present day scenario of breakdown of the family structure from joint family to nuclear family, the society changing from agrarian to industrialized society, attitude of people changing from collective to individualistic, the issues and problems of people has taken a new shape.  Keeping this in mind, it was thus important to look at counselling as a profession where the counsellor is equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise in counselling skills so as to manage the issues and concerns of today’s world effectively.

According to World Health Organization by 2020, the emotional health of humanity will decline drastically if the status of mental health care and intervention do not change. It is estimated that 20-30 million Indians are in need of some form of mental health care. Every year 2.5 lakh new cases are reported. But these figures do not include the thousands of others who may be suffering in silence without access to help.

With timely intervention and proper care, at least 60 per cent of person in need of mental health care can recover completely and at least 70 per cent can avoid chronic illness and disability. However, in India, trained counsellors are few and far between. Moreover, the services provided are mostly in the urban centers which at times are beyond the affordable reach of the common man as well as organizations working at the grass root level. The market demand is for affordable job seekers who are also capable and are equipped with the appropriate skills and applied practical knowledge of counselling.

Understanding the demand for quality manpower for counselling services and psychological intervention K K Handiqui State Open University have taken the initiative to conduct “Certificate Programme in Counselling Skills”. The course syllabus has been developed by MIND India and is recognized as the dedicated study centre to conduct this course

K.K Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU) was established in 2005 under the provision of the KKHSOU, Act, 2005 enacted by the Govt. of Assam. The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Council, Govt. of India. It is the fourteenth of its kind along with IGNOU and the only state Open University in the whole of NE India. (http://www.kkhsou.in)

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