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Psychiatric Evaluation

Our Wellness Centre in Guwahati is equipped with necessary tools to conduct psychiatric evaluation on people for the purpose of detection and screening of possible mental health disabilities or disorders which causes disruptions, imbalance and severe cases of depressions. If you’re a parent, friend, spouse or colleague of a person who’s showing symptoms of mental imbalance, disruptive patterns including substance abuse or seems to be a victim of depression, you may encourage them to undergo an evaluation for association of patterns with any clinical disorder. This is the first step towards helping them cope with their respective problems and enable them to lead better lives.

Services Offered

Psychiatric Assessment & Intervention

Through a combination of psychological questions and a medical assessment, our psychiatrists attempt to understand if any underlying cases of clinical or mental health disorder is causing the symptoms experienced by a client. Past medical history and possible cases of mental illness in the family is also assessed to ascertain the specific condition of the client. We offer interventional therapies and treatments in such cases to help them cope with these disorders.

Psychological Assessments

In a psychological assessment, the person is examined by our clinical psychologist who will run several psychological tests to arrive at a comprehensive conclusion about the client’s behavioral pattern. In this case, we also consider the sociological aspects surrounding the client apart from the psychological elements. The purpose is to identify and associate the suspected disorders to their behavior, personality or physical capabilities. It helps us understand the correct treatment plan for the client.

Alcohol & Drug Reduction Programme

Substance abuse can quickly become a life-threatening addiction if not treated. So, with the aim to provide rehabilitation facilities to addicts of alcohol and drugs, we initiated the Alcohol and drug reduction program at our MIND India Wellness Centre in Guwahati. Our team of counsellors and psychologists guide the patients towards a recovery path to overcome the bad effects of addiction. If you know someone who is a victim of substance abuse, reach out to us.

Dementia Screening

Often common in old age, patients with dementia usually have cases of forgetfulness and impaired judgement. It is often hidden in plain sight but may worsen as time progresses. In case you suspect symptoms in yourself or others that indicates to dementia, a dementia screening will be resourceful in diagnosing the exact concern. The tests usually comprise of neuropsychological tests, psych evaluation, brain scans and lab tests. Based on findings, patients are referred to appropriate treatments.