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At MIND India, we offer therapeutic solutions to various problems faced by individuals, families, students and other groups of people. Each session is held with the purpose of extending support to respective client through active listening and therapeutic interventions. We have an in-house team of certified counsellors who are specialized in resolving a wide array of issues related to mental health, relationships, career and other issues in the field of trauma, substance abuse, mental injuries, etc. If you need to speak with someone right away for any of the above-mentioned problems or any other specific condition, book a counselling session at MIND India today.

Services Offered

Individual & Family Counselling

People in need of one-on-one therapeutic interaction with a trained counsellor in a safe and confidential environment may avail individual & family counselling. Our team of professional counsellors in Guwahati hold expertise in resolving issues related to individual cases such as stress / anxiety / depression; as well as issues related to families ranging from conflict with partner / children / other family member / financial trouble / etc.

Marital Counselling

There may come a time in a marriage where the bonding and compassion between spouses fade, leading to marital complications. In such cases,couples may seek guidance from our marital counsellors at MIND India. Each counselling sessions are conducted keeping in mind the unique needs of the couple as well as the individual personalities of respective spouses. We work with our clients on a holistic level to offer permanent solutions that restore the fabric of a healthy marriage.

Group Counselling

Group counselling are offered to a small group of people (usually students) who meet to discuss and explore problematic areas together, including emotional issues. Our group counsellors at MIND India generally conduct insightful counselling sessions on campus which not only offers solution to conflict in emotions, communication barriers etc., but also aim to develop healthy interpersonal skills among group members and essential team building skills.

Career Assessment & Counselling

The customized career planning provides a direction and meaning to career related decisions of a student. It helps to achieve all future endeavors through scientifically proven approach and planning of resources. We conduct psychometric assessments to gather all relevant information such as career goals, interest level and feasibility; while examining the student’s current status and identifies a strategy that shows how the student can meet their respective goals.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Our certified counselors are trained to help individuals who are either cognitively impaired by birth or have suffered any kind of brain injuries in recent past. Through a systematically designed approach we offer effective interventional therapy for incresing cognitive functioning in them. The end purpose is to restore their normal functioning ability or to be able to help cope with some degree of cognitive stability is case of complete lack of it.