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Alternative Healing

Our Wellness Centre in Guwahati is equipped with necessary tools to conduct psychiatric evaluation on people for the purpose of detection and screening of possible mental health disabilities or disorders which causes disruptions, imbalance and severe cases of depressions. If you’re a parent, friend, spouse or colleague of a person who’s showing symptoms of mental imbalance, disruptive patterns including substance abuse or seems to be a victim of depression, you may encourage them to undergo an evaluation for association of patterns with any clinical disorder. This is the first step towards helping them cope with their respective problems and enable them to lead better lives.

Services Offered


Trained physiotherapists are associated with MIND India, Guwahati to offer patients effective physical therapy for restoring mobility, reducing pain, increasing flexibility and muscle strengths. Patients who typically sustain physical injuries during sports, accidents, etc. leaving them with restricted body movement or paralysis can avail physiotherapy to overcome the problems. Others who are in need of physiotherapy are – patients of neurological disorders, children with polio, cerebral palsy, patients with post-surgical cases, and so on.

Yoga Practices

An ancient practice of the mind and body, which originated in Ancient India – Yoga offers a holistic approach to restoring a healthy body, stronger immunity and a balanced mind. At our Wellness Centre in Guwahati, we teach and train through a combination of physical postures, breathing practices and meditative interventions for elevating the health and broadening the mind. Trained Yoga practitioners conduct regular Yoga classes at the MIND India Wellness Centre. Reach out to us if you would like to enroll yourself.

Mindfulness Practices

In the humdrum of a fast-paced life, we often remain distracted, confused and incapacitated to make rational decisions. We eventually forget our true purpose and seek answers in the wrong places. There is an urgent need to connect us to our awakened state of mind for restoring focus and balance in our lives. Our mindfulness practices are designed to do exactly this, through evidence-backed meditation techniques which helps people to attain inner peace, stability and their true purpose of life. It also relaxes the body and reduces stress.


Literally considered as an ancient healing mechanism, Ayurveda based medicines, treatment and diet plans offer alternative healing to the body from physical and mental diseases. At MIND India, our patients are treated to Ayurvedic medicines for both internal and external use, derived from medicinal herbs and plants. These are prescribed by trained Ayurveda practitioners. We don’t just offer Ayurvedic treatments for specific health conditions. Rather, we offer a holistic guide to enhance health and prevent diseases. It can also be used alongside modern medicinal treatments.


Under our Alternative Healing practices at MIND India Wellness Centre in Guwahati, we also offer Acupressure therapy. It essentially is a massage form that works to improve blood circulation and relieves the user from cramps &pains, migraines & headaches, digestive issues, stress and hormonal problems. The user’s acupressure points in the body are gently pressed down by the practitioner and may receive multiple sessions over the course of time for optimum results.


Rooted in the principle that the body can cure itself, our homeopathic consultation offers alternative medicines which are derived from natural substances like plants and minerals and used in tiny doses. We encourage our patients to disclose all medical history and conditions, including mental issues for prescribing the best choice of medicinal treatment. It is particularly useful for treating allergies, depression, hormonal imbalance, fatigue and migraines, among many others.

Art & Expressive Therapy

We all are driven by our unique abilities and creativity; irrespective of it being explored or not. In our Art & Expressive therapy process, we help clients identify and pick one of the creative forms of expression the associate with the most - it could be painting, writing, music or dance. Unlike in professional creative field, here we are not concerned with the creative outcome, rather on the process of creating which the client indulges in. It helps clientsdealing with a wide range emotional, behavioral and mental issues including ADHD, trauma, developmental difficulty, etc.


Naturopathy is a system of integrated holistic medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage. A naturopath will ask questions about the person’s condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle, and any conventional treatments that they may be taking.