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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is offered in Guwahati at MIND India to work with children with ADHD, Autism or Learning disability through Early Intervention and Management. We have behavior, speech and occupational therapists along with special educators, clinical & counselling therapists as well as art & expressive therapists. Our Wellness Centre offers a safe environment for such children and their parents to cope with various forms of developmental problems. The end purpose is to enable such children to empower their difficulties and helping them lead normal, happy lives.

Services Offered

Remedial programmes for Learning Disability, Autism and ADHD

We conduct special classes for children with special problems such as learning difficulties, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. The programmes are designed to engage the children in a fun environment where they are taught by experienced teachers about basic developmental skills. Special care is taken to assess the delicate need of every child while enabling them to learn despite their existing difficulties.

Special Education

Helping students with learning difficulties or behavioral issues to meet their educational goals in a safe and trusted environment. MIND India’s special education classes are aimed to benefit differently abled children or children with special needs without isolating them. The main purpose served by special education is to offer such children some additional time with a therapist to bridge their learning gap and help them deal better around other kids their age in a normal environment.

Speech & Language Therapy

Children who suffer from conditions such as autism, dyslexia, or other issues may have problems speaking. Also, in some cases, some children simply don’t develop speech at the expected age and may require additional support to resolve the issues. In either case, speech therapists can be extremely resourceful in helping them overcome disorders like stuttering, speech sound disorders, selective mutism, learning and language difficulties, etc.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavioral disorders that stem from issues such as ADHD, Autism, etc. in children, require special care that aims to alter those behavioral patterns that are self-destructive, violent or isolating in nature. If not treated, such behavioral blocks may hamper a child’s developmental phase, making it difficult to adapt to normal environments at later stages. Behavioral therapists at MIND India identifies troubled behaviors in children and offer remedial measures to combat them.

Occupational Therapy

Children with special needs may find it difficult to lead a normal life. It may challenging for them to perform simple tasks as self-dressing, eating and so on. In such cases, our Wellness Center facilitates these children special counseling sessions conducted by occupational therapists to aid them perform simple life tasks that are deemed essential life skills. It is mainly targeted towards children with cognitive or sensory difficulties and offer them remedial measures accordingly.