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17-Aug, 2020 Admin

Anxiety And Depression Among Young People Due To Economic Loss Of Parents In COVID-19


Of all the heartbreaking effects of COVID-19, its impact on young people prove to be one of its most damaging legacies. Issues of access to education, domestic abuse, child labour and lack of decent work are many of the challenges that the present day youth faces. No doubt, the effects of the pandemic has devastating tolls on millions of people especially the children and the youth are vulnerable to the greater social and economic shift being witnessed by the whole world. For example, the children are being asked to learn remotely through digital tools such as laptops, i-pads, android phones which are rarely affordable for all. (june 20,2018,Timothy J Legg,Phd,CRNP and Kimberly Holland ).

ZFurthermore youth who are currently in the workforce- or now trying to be in the workforce will find it difficult to be engaged in a decent employment. It is found that young people have stopped working since the onset of the pandemic, if their talent and skills are sidelined, it will damage their future and it will be difficult to rebuild a better post covid economy. This “loss generation” will face permanent exclusion from labour markets and as the world recovers from the pandemic. Coming on to those who are economically dependent on their parents have been gradually facing financial detoriation. The effects of economic stress on children were big compared to what they usually think as important family factors for children development.

The changes that occurred due to pandemic are causing a worsening for underlying depression that may be present in many teens and young adults ages 18-24, a quarter of whom reported starting or increasing their use of alcohol and drugs as a way to cope. The factors influencing them to take such steps are due to the economic breakdown. The psychological changes experienced by the youth has created a adverse behavioural health reaction to the pandemic, this includes anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Economic dependency of youth on their parents makes them feel secure at some level but it become worse when it comes to economic loss. Economic loss due to the outbreak of Covid19 is creating a huge difference in the mindset of the present youth and as a result creating problems like stress, depression, anxiety.