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16-Sep, 2020 Admin

Occupational Therapy: When Self Needs Care

What is occupational therapy ?

A branch of health care that  aids people  of all ages who have physical, emotional, sensory problems eradicating emotional, social and physical barriers  so as to help them attain independence in every sector of their lives.


Occupational therapy is a need for kids and teens who suffer generally from

  • Birth injuries or defects,
  • Sensory processing disorders,
  • Traumatic injuries,
  • Developmental delays

Who performs occupational therapy?

Occupational therapist and occupational therapist assistant who have performed supervised fieldwork and acquired a national certification along with a license to practice, performs occupational therapy.

What are the areas of focus for OT ?
  • Self Care: Time to eat, groom, dress and toilet.
  • Free Time: Time to do something when one does what they enjoy.
  • Work Time: Time to do activity that involves physical and mental effort.

Why is Occupational Therapy Important?

Occupational therapy supports participation, performance and function in roles and situations in home, school, workplace, community. It  rehabilitees’ individuals through performing daily activities. The OT helps a person perform the activity, or adapt the task or environment. OT works to heal people with physical, cognitive, and emotional illness or disabilities to be able to perform their daily activities. It is extremely important to help people regain their independence and ability. OT primarily focuses on upliftment of  self care skills like eating, dressing ,toileting, bathing, performing hygiene tasks etc. The ultimate goal is to increase independence in relation to physical limitation one faces.