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20-Jul, 2021 Admin

Yoga For Good Mental Health

Yoga and mental health both are the combination of growing health. Yoga appears to modulate stress response system by reducing perceived stress and anxiety. Though yoga has received less attention in the medical literature it has become increasingly popular in recent decades.


Yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice tool of psychotherapy. It has been shown to enhance social wellbeing through a sense of belongingness to others, and improve the symptoms of depression, attention deficit and sleep disorders. Yoga is specially a cure to people who have anxiety disorders and so on. It helps in improving the mood, behavior and mindfulness of the people along with that it helps in improving workplace wellbeing an resilience. It benefits extend to adult care giver who experience lower life satisfactions, depression and stress etc. mind and body practices like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and prayer help to reduce stress and improve stress related imbalances. This act as a relaxation response that accompanies these mind and body practices that lead to the value improvements to physical and mental health.


Yoga is one of the changing factors which bring a peaceful and calm mindset. Even having a good time with friends or family is not enough to relax the biology on a cellular level. Even socializing, playing an enjoyable game of tennis or golf, or shopping with a friend is actually a state of biochemical tension. For the body to relax with the nerve a person need to alter body process that shift them biochemically from a state of excitement and tension to a state of calm, deep rest and relaxation. Only deep breathing that accompanies mind body practices like yoga can do this.

Yoga practices changes the firing patterns of nerves and chemical makeup of the body fluids and activates relaxation. It improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and negative mood by improving self esteem and cognitive function and hence, it reduces low self esteem and social withdrawal. (Dec 2015, B.N. Gangadhar and Kishan Porandla).